Best Moon House Architectural Design By Antonino Cardillo


Now we want's to post new information house architectural about new modern concrete moon house it's be built in 791 m2 total area in Melbourne, Australia and be design by Antonino Cardillo. The architects of this house design without any decorations in the house walls.This built in a rectangular room with lounge area.


The floor plan is divided into two parts: a public lift as the inverted keel of a boat or a fun moon emerges from the concrete by the pool, whose design is characterized by a sudden gap in the right lane, the private party that takes the form of a long narrow building set against the perimeter, which, by the gradual decomposition of its components, opening up the portal in the garden, but closed to parking.

Is being created in space, each of the two geometric identities still echoing a presumed common origin. Therefore, the signs often appear in the other, if developed according to different methods. Therefore, the strategy of occupying the space goes beyond simply bringing the parties. You can see some picture collection has we insert to this post and we hope can give some idea for you.

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