The Pin Nailer Porter-Cable PIN100

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This model of Porter-Cable is one of the latest additions to a wide variety of hammers. The PIN100 is ideal for recreation, the complex job, or simply with the pin as "restraint" while the glue dries. The hole produced with the brooch is so small as to clean with a damp hole is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Although this unit is small and light, not lack of performance or functionality.

The Pin Nailer Porter-Cable PIN100 will shoot all 23 gauge pin nails from 1/2-inch to 1-inch in length and features an automatic magazine adjustment to accommodate the length of pin, a feature you won’t find on any other pinner, all others have a manual adjustment that takes time to adjust each time you use a different length of pin.

The magazine has loads of 170-pin low and provides a visual signal when the power is low on the sides. The handle utilizes a rubber grip for comfort and better control and rear exhaust means you will not have to worry about having exhaust blow in the face. Complete with Pinner, case, 2000 3/4-inch pins, oil, 1/4-inch coupler, and wrenches.

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