Kith Cafe Design Concept

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Kith coffee design concept was inspired by a simple Japanese phrase of the film, to be with you. Translates as "you have a coffee with me sometime?" a simple question and honest who has the power to transform strangers into friends and family. It was not just a matter of giving a Kith coffee, but to create a complete experience.

This does not mean luxury lampshades, furniture or mass produced printed materials to be used unnecessarily on the inside. Instead, emphasis was placed on achieving an unassuming space that could support Kith honest and ethical philosophy.


The emphasis on authenticity in the production of furniture, the emphasis was on the right hand of manufacture to produce an elegant, pure and simple which is based on the growth of nature. More than 10,000 wooden blocks cut to the dimensions calculated in various lengths and thickness, then layers of the block by block and placed with absolute precision. Altering the dimensions of each block gives a similar construction to the organic process of random growth of a tree, organic, creating a true end to each piece.

In consideration of the work area consisting of kitchen and service area, the requirements of the owners were fully understood before designing a work space that maximizes the limited space. The practical training of the coffee machine and grinder, refrigerator with ice, sandwich preparation area, juice, cold storage and disposal, it must be taken into account to ensure quiet and comfortable for work and a harmonious flow movements of the body particularly during peak periods.

Emphasis was also placed in the transmission of sincerity and openness of coffee: the open shelves wrought iron storage openly display of fresh produce and most people from the point of sale, to place greater emphasis on the concept of Café Kith open and honest. In keeping with the informal atmosphere, the space is decorated with a handwritten menu on the wall chart with 10 bulbs evenly spaced on a naked light, that all would fancy lighting in confined spaces, lower than it already is.

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