The Hotel Zenden Interior Design by Wiel Arets Architects


The Hotel School Sports and Zenden is three monumental houses near the river Meuse in Maastricht, Netherlands. The hotel's history begins in the sixties and originally contained only one swimming lessons. Over the years, other functions such as hotel rooms and a judo school have been implemented in the program. Facilities to reach the limits, the renovation and reorganization of the program was necessary.


During the renovation, the program has spread recrystallized iconographic and integrated. Newly created openings in the walls of the hotel allows views from all parts of the new program, and abroad. The renovation has been an abstraction of the structure in plan and section, mostly because all ceiling heights were kept at a maximum. The resulting sculpture inside is dressed entirely in white, while the exterior is painted anthracite investment. The new program elements have been put in place as long as necessary.

Among the four new rooms, services such as showers, bathrooms and closets have been condensed blocks, allowing more living space. Corian inlays and bedside tables are built into the walls, washing tables placed on floating shelves, television hidden behind mirrored glass doors and bathroom also serve as mirrors. In this game, dark brown bed rooms, chairs and ottomans visitors try to call the hotel room with a temporary home. Enable comfortable contemplation of sites and landscapes of the culturally rich city of Maastricht

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