House Architecture With Energy Efficient System Design By Ikaros

From the picture below you can see the "modern house architecture" is very simple to be able to take advantage of energy efficiency at home because it will utilize solar energy. This house at night will look very beautiful because it has a suitable arrangement of lights which will be able to display their beauty at night. In the interior of this house in a very neat design where there is a long seat that looks like connected to the wall and so to the cooking vessel on this house and all in the paint with white.

It is a modern house architecture residential solar energy Solar Decathlon in Europe, preferably in Madrid. House was the IKAROS Fachhochschule Rosenheim, Germany. This building design has been able to create a beautiful voice, energy efficiency and solar installation requires exceptionally high of more than four times more electricity for the home. The green house can generate more solar energy than it should cover a large house. This house is designed to accommodate four people. Very thick insulation in vacuum insulation panels, the design of energy efficiency and efficient mechanical systems available. Home IKAROS with very little energy, the energy of the system is used at home in the cold regions of each month from heat. These modular homes are characterized by zig-zag facade, which serves as the shadow of the house. It also optimizes the use of sunlight through the day and changes throughout the season.

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