Golf Resort And Spa Concept in Croatia By Architects Zaha Hadid


Now we want to post the best concept design for Golf Resot and Spa Concept. The unique two buildings for golf resort and spa concept in Dubrovnik, Croatia designed by Architects Zaha Hadid. The two projects have been named “Rock” and “Shell” and are part of a plan that would include 400 luxury residences, two five-star hotels and a golf course 18 holes.


The house called Rock should be a single power and a statue of remarkable quality, imbued with light and space, as its name indicates, this project is inspired by Croatia's karst topography, with the edges of cliffs and caves. The inspiration for Shell inveve comes directly from the shells that can be found on the beaches of Croatia, with rounded lines and curvy, attractive and appropriate to the vision of the sweetest paesggio.


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