The Transparent Contemporary Glass Wall Beach House at Laguna Beach


The dream house design property is designed to capture the views of the Pacific as much as possible. This house is the best in contemporary design house to create the best place to live, entertaining and relaxing. Disappearance of the transparent glass walls open to the terraces with spectacular views, unforgettable sunsets, and sounds of waves are characteristic of the home that nobody forgets. Imagine floating above a white sand beach below the creek, with stunning views of the Pacific Coast, Laguna Beach and beyond.

In addition to all the rooms and bathrooms are a gourmet kitchen, office, meditation room, lounge (with fireplace) and a game room in the house. The condition of the windows of the garage on the edge of a commercial quality hydraulic elevator underground parking. Carefully chosen place in the house is not visible from the street and the stairs leading to the beach.


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