Simple House Design at Santiago By Izquierdo Lehmann

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Do you search ideas some about simple house design? Know wee want to post about simple house design at santiago by izquierdo Lehmann. Wee see on the pictures the design it's very simple and minimalist with good gardening. Izquierdo Lehmann Arquitectos was designed in large and beautiful site that not only provide enough space for a big house, but also accommodated in the pool.


Simple two-story house beige 718.5 square meter villa in Las Condes, Santiago, Chile. Most areas of public life is only separated by walls of glass by the window to catch the ceiling with natural light during the day. Although this house does not look like it was unusual abroad. View the amazing scenery can be easily captured in the house with floor to ceiling around the perimeter. Now you see the all pictures on this post and get the ideas for you simple house design:

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