Design Minimalist Apartment Without Sacrificing Comfort

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Do you want to design your apartment with minimalist design without sacrificing comfort? This apartment is designed as a minimalist as possible without losing the comfort, it's be design by architect Barrie Ho. As usual for this type of apartment living room combined with kitchen and dining room to create a feeling of space. Only three colors in this apartment color theme: white oak floor tiles, dark gray and black in the mirror of emulsion paint.


Simplicity discomfort usually associated with temporary accommodation forms and colors. Structure of the furniture and the wall of the apartment is too small as possible without losing functionality. Combination tricks like that can add a bit of freedom in urban life. Barrie Ho Architecture, which designed the interior of the departments, managed to create a modern and pleasant for apartement. Bathroom wall mirror that looks much more than that. Now See the pictures and get the ideas for you Apartement Design:

Design-Minimalist-Apartment-without-Losing-Photo5 Design-Minimalist-Apartment-without-Losing-Photo6 Design-Minimalist-Apartment-without-Losing-Photo4 Design-Minimalist-Apartment-without-Losing-Photo3 Design-Minimalist-Apartment-without-Losing-Photo7

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