Clever Ways to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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clever storage bedroom look bigger

Ideally, the bedroom should be a haven of calm and tranquillity where an individual can relax and forget about the outside world. Some people are lucky enough to have spacious bedrooms that meet all their needs while others have to live with smaller ones.

Owners of small bedrooms have to deal with the challenge of organizing and decorating their rooms to make them appear less cramped and crowded. Thankfully, such individuals can use a few tricks to give the impression of larger, more spacious rooms.

Making use of clever storage

A cluttered bedroom will feel smaller and confined. Due to this, any personal belongings scattered on dressers, nightstands or on the floor should be stored out of sight. The limited space calls for individuals to experiment with creative storage ideas that will add to the room’s charm.

Room owners can place a chest or furniture bench with a flip open seat at the foot of their bed to hold books, magazines and other items. Under-bed storage bins or drawers can also come in handy.

Wise selection of colour

Painting the walls and ceiling in lighter colours can help to open up the space visually. Colours to go for include pastels, creams, pale blues, yellows and neutral tones.

Another simple way to create an appearance of space in a room is by using a monochromatic colour scheme on the walls and furnishings. Different shades of the same colour allow the eyes to travel seamlessly around the room, making it seem bigger than it is.

Choosing appropriate furniture

A small bedroom should have just a few furniture pieces that maximize on wall space. Individuals should choose a small bed, suitable bedside lamps and other appropriate practical furniture. Any armoires and dressers ought to be scaled to fit the room without overwhelming it.

Multipurpose furniture is the best bet for such rooms since they assist in streamlining the room and can provide additional storage space.

Adjusting the lighting in the bedroom

The right lighting can help to give an illusion of space and set the mood in a small bedroom. During the daytime, the room should receive as much natural light as possible. Large windows provide depth and perspective and can be dressed with shutters to add character. These shutters are available in various unique colours and finishes so they can easily fit with any room’s existing décor.

Recessed spot lighting is perfect for illuminating a small bedroom at night.

Creating a focal point

Accessories in the room should be limited to avoid unnecessary clutter. Statement pieces can be incorporated in the room to create visual appeal. Stunning art prints or pictures can be placed above the bed to help draw the eye upwards and away from the rest of the room.

Wall mirrors are useful for adding focus to a room. By reflecting colour, light and images, they give the appearance of a larger and brighter area.

While small bedrooms might be challenging to furnish and adorn, they can also be snug and cosy if the available space is well utilized

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