Bright and Spacious Mirihana House In Sri Lanka

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Certainly many of us who want to build a comfortable home and a bright and spacious and looks. And probably many of you who are still confused to apply the idea to design a home that suits your wants. This time we will inform the design of the house is very comfortable and bright which is located in Sri Lanka. This home design is named the "Mirihana House" designed directly by Chinthaka Wickramage Associates. Based on the information we get the main concept of the design is the Mirihana home offers comfort with a design that combined a very good light settings.

Aside from giving the concept of comfort elections interior decoration by exploring concepts that are spacious and airy rooms at this mirihana home look more spacious and comfortable for you and your family. Mirihana house design looks elegant as predominantly white both on the exterior and interior of the house. This house also has a combination with the simple use of wood elements in the room so the decor in the house look more stunning.

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According Wickramage of Chinthaka Associates, the design of this house using a combination of good materials and unique and is built on a land area of ??2,200 sq ft plot on the outskirts of Sri Lanka. Upon entering this home you will pass through a large glass door that directly connects the living room using a long wooden furniture and simple chairs. This house also has a wooden dining table that looks classic and unique home and floor are lined with marble.

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