London Contemporary Traditional Cafe

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This is a traditional cafe based in London Paul Crofts Studio which is an area that produces arsenal, for the cafe itself was designed in the former ammunition stores that have not been used. Cafe schemes designed by Paul Crofts Studio still leaves the original look intact and open and when entering a new element to contrast with the existing fabric of the building cafe. There its a chevron motif derived from the emblem in military uniforms can be found in all parts of the cafe. Cots military green coated make the delineation between the old and new, running in a continuous line of windows revealing to the waitress station with the main door.

For at the center of the cafe there is a wooden table with a white powder coated metal legs revoked by the gray and the white arrows motif alternates with wood. Bespoke solid oak tables, displays the screen-printed chevron motif in a mixture of gray and white, has a metallic powder coated legs inspired by industrial workbench. The Nonla lights by Paul Crofts - a contemporary interpretation of a traditional light fitting utility - appears in a variety of sizes, while unfinished hot-rolled steel is used to line the walls of the kitchen and for the wall-mounted menu.

metal powder coated legs inspired by an industrial workbench images 1Paul Crofts Studio’s scheme for the cafe leaves original features images 2the chevron motif is inset in an irregular pattern images 3

Focal point scheme provided by the service counter and wall display at the cafe, design interventions that give new purpose to contrast with the rough surface of the existing interior area. This be make from a combination of solid wood and CNC-routed HI-MACS solid surface material of pure white, chevron motif is inset in a regular pattern to take the design of the timber is on the one hand, a white on the other. Display shelves edged with brass trim. Industrial look is leavened with the use of warm wood and clean white, with a crappy cafe chair by Hay and chalk board behind the counter adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

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