The Best Extreme Hilltop Luxury House Design in California


The summit is the design of luxury home design in Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA. Rabines Safdie Architects designed the house with six bedrooms, five fireplaces, 6 car garage, master bathroom luxury suite and the art of kitchen design. The sales of luxury homes offering: $ 6,995,000 Estate dramatic architecture seen here, we get this picture and some opinions about the design of luxury home design.



The house was designed to maximize the 360 degree view of your location hill just north of San Diego. A plan to open in public areas of the house has four levels of cascading ceilings with clerestory reverse butterfly to light and ventilation. The open beam ceilings delimit intimate spaces stacked warm despite the nearly 10,000 square feet of space. It extends in cantilever beams supported by steel.

The house has a structure designed for energy efficiency. Tilting the rear deck with hot vents skylights increase aid cross the ocean breeze. In winter, the south windows offer an abundance of passive solar heating. On cloudy days, underfloor heating, hot water boilers fueled by the German heat efficiently from the bottom up.

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