The Bahia House in Brazil by Marcio Kogan

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Architects Marcio Kogan has new project house design in 2,165 sqm area at Salvador Brazil, it's project named the Bahia House. The new project Bahia House uses all these elements that are traditional to Brazilian houses. These adjustments of Portuguese origin to a tropical climate have always been studied and applied by modernism in Brazil. The result in this case is a very nice house, which protects the interior of warm and sunny weather outside.

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The plant is completely organized around a central courtyard, so cross-ventilation in every possible space and a view that appears, a garden and two mango trees, lush grass. The privileges of the House of Bahia in the environmental comfort of its inhabitants, but does not use the "latest technology"to do so.

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The house was considered for where it is, for the climate of where it is, for Bahia. And, for this no “green” software was used, no equipment and no calculations were made. The builders of bahian traditional houses have long-known how to keep interiors cool even with a blazing sun of more than 40ºC, long before the corbusian ideas had been tropicalized or even before Sir Norman Foster had given a precise, technological and scientific dimension to sustainable architecture

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