Reasons why you should look into getting a rug

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In rented accommodation.
Many people in rental accommodation are prevented from making changes to the overall decoration of a property, whether this is with regard to wall coverings, addition or removal of shelves or built in units or flooring. If you wish to put your own personal identity into your rented accommodation, then rugs in the UK can help to achieve this:

Use of rugs in your home can provide contrasting colours to a room, making the colour scheme both interesting and personal to yourself.

By using rugs of certain sizes, it is possible to make a smaller room seem slightly larger, or make a large room cosy.

If your rug is small enough to fit in the middle of the room without going underneath your sofas, it provides the illusion of space, whilst the converse can be true in larger rooms.

Using rugs in flats.
Rugs can be exceptionally useful if you are living in a flat, especially if your property is on the first floor or higher. Footsteps can echo down to your downstairs neighbour and this is magnified if you happen to have laminate or wooden flooring installed. A rug positioned in an area of heavy footfall can help deaden the noise and create happier inter-neighbourly relationships. This strategy is exceptionally useful if you have young children who may be a little heavy footed!

Similarly, in flats that have larger rooms which take on multiple roles, the use of a rug can help to break up and designate the different areas from one another. For example, if your living room has to double up as a dining room, a rug positioned in your seating area can differentiate it from the dining area, where the table just sits on the floor. This way, the different areas of the room are made obvious, without the need for repositioning furniture or creating actual divisions.

Rugs in your own home.
Whether you own or rent your property, rugs are a great way to update your decoration within your home, without breaking the bank. Use of a rug within a room can freshen up the entire space, without the need to redecorate or to remove or lay new carpet. Similarly, the fact that rugs are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit all kinds of rooms means that your home can almost take on a bespoke quality, with floor coverings that fit exactly in the spaces intended.

The popularity of rugs in the UK has always stemmed from the fact that they create a new feel within a room without the need for an expensive redecoration project. Similarly, they can help to reduce tensions with downstairs neighbours or make your room seem more spacious.

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