Triflow Tap Design By Zha Hadid

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This is a water tap design the most unique and innovative as we think design is able to give the impression of a modern and elegant. The design water tap is also experiencing a very sophisticated process in the stage production to be able to avoid contamination as well as the work of a truly fantastic suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. Triflow Tap design be takes inspiration from the fluid movement of water, it's design by Zaha Hadid from British manufacturer. Design Triflow is a formal expression of the continuous flow of liquid merging the spout, body and handle of the tap in a seamless trajectory of curvilinear geometries. Already unique to the three-way Triflow tap is the technology woven effortlessly into its design namely the extra internal tube that allows treated drinking water to be delivered through a separate waterway, avoiding contamination from the hot and cold tap water. While hot and cold water are controlled by the discrete handle, the drinking water element is activated by a touch sensitive electric button indicated by the Triflow logo. Zaha Hadid design is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process that has never before been used for a tap. The revolutionary shape employs the latest methods of production and a unique ceramic coring process, resulting in a tap that is as much a piece of art as it is a kitchen or bathroom appliance.

unique triflow water tap grey colors Triflow water tap design

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