Rubber Pendant Lamps

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When it comes to roof and are usually made of glass, wood, metal or other materials. No one thought of rubber in this case. However, there is a collection of lamps that only this material back. These rubber roof windows are available in four different colors and are fun and functional.

A rubber ball has its advantages. It is not as fragile as glass and the lamp is the better choice for children. It is also easier to find a storage place for them as they tumble. In fact, it is odd that the lights are called "Fold". These lights are fun designs that we love. They are made of silicone rubber flexible but strong, which makes them durable, but flexible, but enough to be folded. They make a great piece of children, and even tend to play football or other games at home that cause accidents. Rubber with a trailer at least knows what is safe.

Rubber pendant lamps

Rubber pendant lamps

The lamps are in four vibrant colors: gray, fuzzy, yellow and purple. They are modern and fun and simple by design, are also very versatile in any room of the house can be can see some more of lamp on here ...Rubber Pendant Lamps

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