Striking Duplex House Design

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This impressive duplex overlooks a major river in Tribeca, New York. It may seem surprising, but it manages to house 50 different windows, letting natural light and beauty shine within. Windows can add a lot of personality and beauty to a house. Just ask the professionals over at Newport News roofers. Although each aspect of the house is visually interesting, the patio and pool on the roof terrace attracts the most attention the quickest.

A small lounge is also located on the roof so that the owners can enjoy a perfect night outside. Inside the apartment are elegantly designed visuals to create a warm atmosphere. The sofas have high backs, there are high ceilings combined with hardwood flooring and carpet made of ivory.

The kitchen, dining room and living room all have an open floor plan. The decorating theme, at least in the living room, is designed to make the room look expanded. Another interesting feature of the house that is worth a mention is the vast library on the first floor with flat roof wood shelves. This house sure is lovely to look at.


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