The Capsule Collection by Ziglam And Brook

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From the picture below you can see the chair-shaped capsule which is a very unique designs and modern look with the design other than normal. Moreover, we can seat capsules comes with an interesting combination of colors and comes with a three-dimensional model that will make someone be comfortable while in the chair. The chair will also be very suitable for living room modern and minimalist because you can adjust the position you want. In the design of this chair is also equipped with a small cloth round a brightly colored which is able to adjust the color of the base of the chair so that it looks elegant and luxurious.

This Chair Capsule Collection is design by Ziglam & Brook. His collection of fully upholstered seats, presented as a single person or two sofas, excluding reductions Bute fabric ranges used carefully selected to create a track graduated shades of colors and textures. These wool fabrics with vibrant colors and then used to cover a series of irregular-sized keys, arranged in a neutral tone free. The forms are derived from a single capsule of three dimensions has been developed to create a range of comfortable seating and engage with the tongue in cheek reference to the solar system and 60 years of space adventure. The products are manufactured in the UK and combining fabrics waste locally with a CNC production process technically efficient, offering high green credentials.

Capsule Collection design by Ziglam Brook Unique Capsule Chair Collection design modern chair shaped capsule ideas Chair Capsule three dimensional model

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