Queenscliff Green House Beach Design

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Here is a design house that has expansive views of the beach and the beautiful, the design house is known as "Queenscliff Green" located in Sydney, Asutralia. This house was designed by architect Utz Sanb which seemed efficient thermal design through an existing concrete floor shop on the ground level. The design of this house has a large fin walls divide the separate functions of the entrance and circulation of the living room and garden.

The design of this house was built with a lot of urban and perched on the edge of a cliff over 100 meters from the sea. This house comes with having a north-south aspect with neighboring buildings due to very close to the limits in the west east. Wall fins we have explained above diharpkan able to provide privacy and structural support for the wing to sleep on the floor of the house.

In the main living area of this house beach design has to connect with the marine park space and to take advantage of the geometer block that extends to the edge of the cliff. Dark floor tiles in the living room can absorb heat and reduce glare from the sea in the morning. Careful placement of structures, glass walls and a roof high level has created a generous living room with an abundance of natural light, ventilation, privacy and views of the beach which is very spacious and beautiful. The house has been designed to be thermally efficient, using a concrete floor and stone walls at ground level to provide thermal mass.

The existence Hydronic under floor heating are used to secure the entire living room will provide winter warmth. Dark floor tiles in the living room to absorb warmth and reduce glare from the sea in the morning. A high level louvres and ceiling fans are used to allow for natural light and ventilation in all rooms. There is also a rain water tank with a total capacity of more than 5000 liters, which is capable of supplying water that can be used to flush toilets, wash clothes and mentirami garden.

The design house located beachside look appears very economical in terms of energy efficiency and also allows the owner to be able to relax and entertain and appreciate the great outdoors.

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