The Black Color Concept of Storage Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you more confused now define the concept of the kitchen cabinets to the wall? The following is information about the concept of storage cabinets for the kitchen wall comes in black designed by Alessandra Ciampalini and Antonio Barbieri from Italy. As at this time due to the crowded bustle of domestic ritual common house is different from the past where today we often eat away from home but the real value of preparing food, cooking in the kitchen and eat bread at home will not be lost which will be a moment of hospitality and pleasure with family when you vacation from day-to-day activities.
Black Block Kitchen Concept in Closed

An object moving away from static, and is alive and dynamic, an object is opened from the closed position to be functional and efficient, able to create a ritual to prepare meals and pleasant collaboration is black closet design which consists of a base such as a block suspended 40 cm, contains all the elements of fixed (stove, sink, dishwasher, drawers, etc.). Cabinets were cantilevered elements that can be moved up or down, attached to the vertical guide and also the closet so far have the same depth of the fixed base, unlike a traditional kitchen where they are narrow, these cabinets can be improved so as to avoid hitting someone's head while preparing and cooking food.

Black storage cabinet design, there are smaller which contains the remaining elements of the functioning kitchen - fridge-freezer, cooker, and the drawer again. This element can also be covered by a moving panel when not in use, thus hiding the various equipment, and turn her into a block, clean solid and it runs in the same spirit of the new design to maintain a clean line around the kitchen.

Black Block Kitchen storage Concept can Slided up while cookingBlack color Kitchen cabinets Easy Cupboard Slided up


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