The Dunder Sofa Collection by Stefan Borselius

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The Swedish designer Stefan Borselius Dunder created a sofa, chair and ottoman collection Ahus, Sweden-based manufacturer Bla Station. The sofa seems to be the central piece of furniture in the living room. Overall, chat or simply enjoy the company of others. When guests arrive, they are always invited into the room. When they are all there, all sitting on the search for a place. Therefore it is important to have a good sofa or in-section. As part of the various types of activities that begins with a single seat and just for games or a game is used, the use of modular furniture. That's exactly what this collection created for Ahus, Sweden-based manufacturer Bla Station, offers this collection of furniture - Dunder sofa, armchairs and ottomans.

The sofa Dunder essentially consists of many small parts, which are mounted in different ways to create different shapes. You can add a section, a couch, or use the pieces separately for each seat this collection is so large, it gives you the freedom to decorate your home as you want. This allows you to use your imagination and creativity to design an original and individual. The rooms are very comfortable and have a modern design with bright colors and soft lines.

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