Project Design The Nebula House

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Inspired fog Aomori Festival, where mythical creatures, demons, animals and characters to life with great lanterns lit from within, was fog house in 2002, when Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen built an international architectural competition was won design housing projects and community in Aomori, Japan.

A project design impressive 012 m2 13th To achieve this, more than 820 steel bands, 12 meters long, which cover the structure of glass and steel. Prefabricated flaps are powder coated with a fine dark red finish. If all of these parallel tracks, the attention to detail is paramount. This type of structure can be used in a variety of applications. Nevertheless, the building for workshops, conferences and cultural events will be used. It is a modern museum and the Center for Creative Arts. Creative design and unique appearance makes it ideal for an event. And the art "of the symbol.

the nebula house

Nebula cost of living can be accessed by the explosion. There are a lot of space that can show in terms of technology, music and theater, and a password for this site. These areas tend to be distributed through the use of large sliding doors on the street. Those developing countries could be a milestone in the region. The paint finish is visible from afar, which is currently decorated with a lot of gray in addition to the simple facades. Each design has become Molo Design contemporist be done in the past.

The house of the nebula consists of a flexible use of space. There are several rooms that can be used for musical and theatrical performances, and a major part of the exhibition. These compartments are separated by huge sliding doors. The building is certainly an important step in this area. It's colorful and visible from a distance, surrounded by gray and light design by the design and each facade. The Molo contemporist was found.

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