The Another Studio’s Matchbox Garden

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Why I like the studio's research design is another Matchbox Gardens. A kind of modern version of the Chia Pet, Garden cress seeds with Matchbox, and an easy to grow seeds, germination occurs throughout the year. Bonus: You can eat the plant, if you really want. Makes the postcard of the same company, which is exactly what it sounds like: a nice little garden in order. You probably cannot, if you send them outside the United States, the Will to be jealous of us on the edge.

A very cute and fun solution for small home, some need a bit of green from one place to producers is to have in miniature. For example, eat a nice collection of another study. Matchbox gardens, in fact, very small houses in the form of mini-garden in a pot on the front. The planter comes with everything you need to expand their facilities. All you have to do is, the house in the garden connected to the seeds and add a little water. In about three days, must be visible and ready to enjoy it. Then you can enjoy the small garden around three weeks. Then simply repeat the process. The gardens are small boxes of 105 x 70 x 15 mm. The top is sealed. Also comes with the instructions of the package that you know exactly how to grow your garden.

Even if they say it is the ideal solution for small apartments, which I think is best suited for small children. It's like a science project for them, and also an opportunity to learn to manage and take care of something. I remember when I grow beans and other small plants; I was used as a child. For me it was something very exciting for children, especially for a long time mainly due to a friendly format.

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