Bathroom Design Ideas By Nendo Studi Collection

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The following is information about bathroom design ideas from Nendo for Bisazza Bagno. The design of this bathroom was designed by Nendo Design Studio that comes from Japan where they have to create a new collection captures the pure lines and subtle aesthetic style. Furniture collector is in the bathroom including bathtub shiny polished wood, sink, drawers, mirrors, etc., all wrapped in a box in which the rhythmic line with the theme of a given design. For materials and design applied to the larch wood has a clean minimalist lines and mixed with the Golden Larch wood. Their design collection also comes form the collection of additional accessories such as vases, clock, shelves and mirrors. According to our bathroom design is really very interesting, so is suitable for application in your home? Next, let a few pictures of bathroom design studio Nendo below.

Nendo creator Oki Sato says: “In the past, Japanese’s bathrooms were a place for interaction. Family members washing together, as well as community bathrooms, were very common until few years ago. Now, the washing experience has become very personal and efficient, even in Asia. The collection envisions the washing atmosphere to be very personal and efficient, but having the sensation of ‘gathering’. A quiet yet relaxed space that allows you to connect with yourself, just like the conventional tea areas in Asia.”

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