The Tartu Rebase Street Project

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Street beat the view of Tartu combine the best of both worlds when it comes to residential structures. It mainly includes the advantages of both a house and an apartment in a convenient package.

Designed by Atelier Thomas Pucher, Tartu Rebase Street exceeds the project addresses the need for more affordable housing, while recognizing the desire of the Gardens of the privacy and outdoor space, and provide habitat. Take a flashlight-shaped villa that offers all these things, while the cost of construction and maintenance.
The Tartu Rebase Street Project
The hotel is located in Tartu, Estonia; Tartu Rebase Street project exceeded, in fact, two types of buildings: River Tours and City Records. River Tours design is concerned with the functional elements, while the design of the tiles of the city has a more urban environment.

Creates a residential area, the concept is flexible in Tartu, Estonia has 444 apartments. With the construction of penthouses on the other, the architects have succeeded in two worlds collide: the apartment living lifestyle cheap and luxurious villa, a wide access to private outdoor space. One parking space when the project a total area of 29,200 square meters. The exchange value of urban life, village, Tartu street-based, project includes a compact, organized into zones: the central part of each building has a spiral staircase of apartments arranged around it. There are two rings of space: the inner ring near the lobby and the outer ring of the outdoor living area overlooking view. There are belong to the local call service as local inputs, cloakrooms, toilets, baths and saunas, or cooking - the living rooms of the outer ring protects from noise in the corridor. The flexible system allows it to humans, can survive for personal indoor spaces generations. Would you like to live in hybrid architecture?

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