Flexible Pillow Design

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Mia Cinelli has created a remarkable cushion. The circuit has a large round tube 18 "tall and 20" is designed in full size. Even if a company cannot sleep - will not be alone! These pads are for your business and offer a good sleep, which is very flexible. Such things add fun to your room and not to be alone. You can also find some new uses for the pillow are your imagination.

Almost all are accustomed to sleep with a flexible pillow design. Doctors usually advise us that it is better to sleep without a pillow, but really do not think is true, then ignore them. In an attempt to solve this problem have a variety of different pillow design that will make our sleep comfortably designed.
Flexible Pillow
The circuit looks like a big cushion is round tube about 18 feet long and 20 "in circumference. It is a flexible pads which to enjoy the user a comfortable sleep. It's like a friend in the night for them they may not alone to sleep. But it should sleep alone is not an exaggeration, because your partner is jealous and a pillow, finally, as an unfortunate accident. In addition to being a pleasant companion for the night, this flexible pillow design also very useful for women who are pregnant or are difficult to find a comfortable position at night.

The pillow is very useful in this pillow is a pillow case. The circuit funny and sweet, unlike any other. It is very comfortable and friendly and helpful, if there is no one in the night. I think it is a very safe alternative.

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