Harmony Transparent And Modern Bassinet Cradle

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BabyBjörn to support light and transparent, "Harmony" basket was designed to promote moments of silence. Watch this support is a fresh weight, minimal and modern, and light for easy transport through the living space. The child may be around you all the time, with little effort. To give even better, to stimulate the child's own movements, the natural movement of the lever, because the base has been thought through, then the smooth movement of the suspension. Cradle inside soft and pleasant, and perfectly acceptable for the child in the early days - and the PAN and the evening the same way.
Transparent And Modern Bassinet Cradle
One of the happiest moments of his life, is when a parent is to be. Apart from the enormous responsibility of raising a child and to educate the spiritual satisfaction of the principal leaves behind a child's life.

Meet the needs of parents and immersed in the creation of useful things to teach children, BabyBjörn to "Harmony" is designed to cradle a beautiful cradle. The perfect place for a child spends most of the time when it is low. Here they sleep, play, or say the first syllable.

One advantage is that you take with you wherever you want; you can see the baby and then not do what was right in one other place to look. Another benefit of the child's crib, "Harmony" is that it is transparent so you can see what the child is there. The network, it makes sense, especially in summer days.

Each baby will feel comfortable here and the parents are less with this baby, "Harmony" pretty.

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