Unique Geo Cocktail Table Design

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If you look closely, you will see that they are actually very quiet. The lines are stubborn to understand, since otherwise the strings. And while they were on there for a "linear" form, is also very easy to cheat in order to get a little here and there in a kind of hegemonic vibration. They move, they move to, to networks, plans are to objects in the world.

My Geo Cocktail Table style is a series of lines, the boundaries of the test timber, and a change in him. The lines on the screen defined organic wood grain are very important to me. The coffee table that embodies GEO. Inspired by the art of chain to the arrangement of lines between the dots create a geometric pattern. By creating a 3-D version of this art, gives you more depth.

Depending on where a viewer is to transform the look of the Geo ... DNA base table in a search for a "wing" pieces. It is an illusion of movement, especially when the light focused on them, and the shadows are. It's a song you really have to see to really understand the whole concept.

Interestingly, this unusual cocktail table is viewed from different angles, it changes shape and appearance. You can change the structure of DNA, or the table ready for flight. The design of the database table is very complex and dynamic. There are many different lines and attention to detail is incredible. The designer said he was through the chain of geometric art and design and a 3D element, was influenced by giving more depth. The truth table gives the illusion of movement.

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