Poperinge Youth City Park Center

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Here is a building with indoor and outdoor rooms for youth in Poperinge which is situated on one of the edge of the youth City Park which was built to house the youth and meeting space for a variety of student organizations in the city. Around the park there are the former school building, is renovated and newly constructed building with youth playground that newly installed in the adjacent Park, Frimout Burggraaf raises a total site for youth. In accordance with the philosophy of BURO II & Archi + I, this concept focuses primarily on space management

With the presence of brick walls and around the site is visual ruse dominance structure which include building, giving rise to ' outdoor space ' which is an integral part of how the entire site being used and also from the rooms and the informal route there is also an access to the building and made youth City Park. Indoor rooms are interspersed with outdoor walled room, which together form a harmonious unity. Wood-frame walls ensure separation between various rooms, but also provides a subtle form of control perspective and social. Everything that exists is for maintaining and building design confirms.

By having a large yard with parking provision and building youth City Park already formed two distinctly separate areas. The entrance to the new building became the third space. Here the visitor can bump into each other before and after concerts and parties, and able to smoke under the canopy. The fourth room is a patio covered in Youth Ministry. Delivery to the party room and exercise room takes place by means of a fifth room. Finally, the open air space then formed with playroom and outdoor paved. This room provides connections to Burggraaf Frimout Park where a newly built playground complete the full integration of youth in the Park.

The project is a project to four times of renovation of existing school building, a new building with a party room and a rehearsal room, a new replacement building for the meeting room and youth eventually new playground and outdoor environment completely redesigned. Organizations previously located here and there throughout the school building still exists and there is enough unused space: a new setting causes the optimization of the use of space. A new building was built it was deliberately kept new low because the city is not a city of Poperinge high-rise buildings. A new building consisting of four easy to read with display box industry which makes it immediately clear where the space party, Youth Ministry, versatile space and a rehearsal room that can be found.

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