Uniques Wall Mirrors Design

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Hall of Mirrors on the walls is a second home for an element that is usually purely utilitarian to high fashion has changed, and their bathroom design ideas. I chose a selection of some of the latest trends in style to show what is new: This is an exciting new designed bathroom wall mirror for a very contemporary. Y "halogen lights can son mirror bathroom, buy more bulbs. This is a large mirror without a frame, with eight four-halogen lamps in two columns on each side of the mirror.

The lights are recessed and flush with the surface of the mirror, so that a ultra-modern and attractive with halogen lamps, that you still have a very bright, white light and a mirror is useful for shaving and makeup mirror is 23 -. 1 / 2 "wide. You can buy online, the big bathroom mirror and costs $ 334.91 from Lamps plus

Cube Collection F.lli offices is a good example of minimalist furniture for the bathroom design. Straight lines are clean and sober and simple is so popular today. Despite the visual simplicity, this collection of highly functional furniture. With the opening of the push-pull system for doors and gates, which is comfortable to wear. The most interesting feature of the collection is the mirror. Their shapes are different and special. Maybe they're not particularly pleasant, but they are original and could add a little unusual for a minimalist bathroom. The oak furniture is in bleached oak, wenge, and dark gray and light gray. More information about The Cube branch.

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