Villa K in Nagano by Hayakusa Mutsu

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Villa-K is a project of the architects of the cell space Hayakusa Mutsu. The house is located in Nagano, Japan, and is just amazing. I do not have much information about the project and its details, but I think the house speaks for itself, is really great. Glass windows, spacious rooms, and the angle on the roof ... everything fits together perfectly, to a house that seems easy to create impressive and at the same time.

All directions around the site are ready for display in winter. The villa consists of four parts of four plants and parts of roofs around a central column. The four works in the different levels are connected to the surrounding space through windows to provide different views of the residents. The interior is divided into four parts, and connected on the other side, in a spiral around the central column. The four handles are attached to different angles from each other. Sunlight through slits between the divisions shows the roof from inside.

The idea of this series is to show the houses of inspiration and beauty. Casas, known for its design, elegance, elements, concepts, or simply because they are beautiful

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