How To Make A Beautiful Lamp Shade From Log

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In the picture below there is a light sleeper beautiful design which is the work of their own hands by using ordinary wood. For those of you who are planning to make a light sleeper own with their own creative designs you can see the video on how to create a beautiful light sleeper. In the video below you will learn one by one until a light sleeper and ready to use in your bedroom space. Not only can you light sleeper but could also be designed for other room lights. You simply provide the materials required in the manufacture of a light sleeper beautiful design for yourself or your family.

Anyone want to make a skill that you can do yourself? do you want to know how to make beautiful bed lights and beautiful where with regular wood material use. You could try with the way shown by Soren Berger in the video below. Soren Berger makes a wonderful lamp of ordinary wood, with master "only" wood art of threading. And to this day he wanted to present a video that will surely appeal to you all out there and pulling in elements of hand-made furniture. The recording is very easy and well structured, revealing a beautiful object of operation develop typical log. According to Soren Berger, he does not want to keep the process of fabrication for yourself. He will also answer the needs of anyone who is engaging in this type of furniture creation, by making wooden jig threading her available for sale. The Jig Threading is said to be the result of several years of development and to perform beyond expectations. Next you have a look at the video below and let us know if you find as inspiring as we are.

Beautiful Lamp Shade Image

Making of a Shade from Soren Berger on Vimeo.

Soren Berger makes one of his unique wooden lampshades.

Filmed Rikki Berger
Edited Rikki Berger

Music Waldeck - Get up Carmen

I am a woodturner/inventor/teacher with 35 years at the lathe, I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into making one of my shades.

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