A design of housing for single woman dynamic and glamorous life

Whether you are a woman, is dynamic and liked the style a little glamorous? Whether you are looking to design a home for you that is currently unbound? The following is a design apartment specials for the women's singles in the vicinity of the Centre of Stuttgart is a building with a facade of laboratory converted 1950 designed by Wilford Schupp, a luxurious suite of rooms, apartment 1 Quant. Apartment glamorous hides offers Baker Gruppe designed by Ippolito, and a half having only a bedroom and a bathroom with shower by their proximity to the Office in Stuttgart, Germany, and which is based on a concept, a single woman of your choice. In the design of this apartment as also as elements of the furniture and the carefully selected design to create not only a sense of stylish luxury, but also compact space provide a feeling of spaciousness, which must be achieved through a strong emphasis on transparency and openness in the design of each element comes with textures, colors and styles.

The upper floor is with bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, all forms of a modern fairytale space occupied: ' against the bed, bedroom, the dining area of four synchronized Windows with a curtain opens for if discretion is required. " On the other side of the room an oval window, upholstered furniture provides seating, a sensual boudoir effect produced by a Visual connection to the bathroom enclosed in a niche of Chesterfield. The materiality of the bedroom is characterized by soft fabrics: a thick pile, velour carpet, white, padded leather, a transparent yet opulent extension of the curtain and flower motif wallpaper on the wall behind the bed are balanced and complemented by ivory bedroom furniture. Adjoining bathroom is covered by rocks and porcelain were executed in horizontal lines, producing a very tactile feel. A bathroom mirror cabinet oak wood of white lies along the room. Next let's look at some of the images in this article and hopefully this will attract interest apartments for single woman living dynamic and glamorous." How many of you ladies would this apartment design call to your home?

Apartment Spesial Concept Bathub View Apartment Spesial Concept Upper Level Apartment Spesial Concept Main Level circular staircase Apartment Spesial Concept Kitchen Design View Apartment Spesial Concept Lamp color Apartment Spesial Concept living room Apartment Spesial Concept Master bedroom Apartment Spesial Concept puple chair color Apartment Spesial Concept

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