Design Traditional Architecture House South Korea

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Here is an information design traditional house located in an area of South Korea which was designed and built by Hongnam Kim who is a professor at Ewha womans University art historian commonly called by DR. Womans KIM. Currently Dr. Kim was approximately 64 years was an art historian and not just any art historians because the name is so famous in South Korea. He is a former Director General of the National Museum of Korea and also a former Director of the National Museum of Folk, in which for the moment to help the National Trust to run a group of Korea nongovernmental environmental preservationist and culture. This traditional house building took two years and US $ 1 million, but he eventually built a House which he thought build two Siamese hanoks (one for her and one for guests), each approximately 1,600 square feet with private garden measuring approximately 533 square meters. This traditional house design, built in 2010, with help from Lee Moon-Ho, a local architect trained in traditional architecture.

Surely you are confused as to why live in Hanok than with the modern house structure? In the strict sense for architecture or as the best way to preserve Korean culture? Or just built to be seen in terms of how it looks? "Dr. Kim gives the answer for all of these reasons, where most of my memory of her childhood home in the city of Jinju hanok in the province of South korea.

Art historian Professor wants to create a house-shaped wooden traditional Hanok that are derived from the Joseon Dynasty in 1392 but in his application he also want to mix between traditional and modern to make it look different. And here is the result. The House was divided into two parts: anchae (homeowners) and sarangchae (Guest House). Modern bathroom, kitchen appliances and furniture to see the stunning backdrop of the traditional walls and wooden doors. Let's look at some of the images in this article may be able to add new information for you to read it, we are also waiting for your comments about this.

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