School Barvaux-Condroz Design By LR Architects

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Here is a building design full-color where it will be able to attract interest in your children. The building's design is a colorful design of the school building is located in an area of Barvaux-Condroz, Belgium and also the school was located along the main street in the heart of a village there directly adjacent to the Church. Design of school buildings have views of Barvaux-Condroz are very broad and open in the back and has an open area on the East side of the plot around the building which can be used for children to play with his friend.

Design build school also underwent a renovation and expansion that included in the existing buildings on the south facade, orientation, there is a playground and rear landscape for children while in the northern part of the relatively closed. For the position of the main entrance to the school was directly confronted design crossing type feet and safe access to the parking lot to parents who escorted their child and can enjoy free zone on the roof of the Eastern saddle.

Chromatic tone from the building's gray, varying from limestone to slate. This project is based on a coherent understanding of existing buildings, and "low energy" ethics need to isolate existing schools from outside. The existence of Grey Slate, highlighted with touches of color in order to steel, a "skin" of new insulation and protective school while providing a new look. Whole building design school has entrance Space is internal connections between the classroom and the dining room. The area that is currently available is entirely dedicated to the classroom.

All information about this design by LR Architects (for Client/Client: Administration communale/Local administration) be completion at 2011 suface 600 sqm and all picturec Photographs by M. van Coile your can more picture on here archdaily

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