Dream Home Apartment Design By GAS

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Whether you build more current themes looking for your dream home apartment? Do you want a modern and elegant apartments? This time we provide you with the appropriate information you want such as modern interior apartment design from GAS. The apartment is very nice pictures and information we get and very modern, Moldova is located in Chisinau, and designed by GAS. The more interesting again from this apartment design is that the focus was development of his design only on the top floor of the Interior uses open.

The apartments are designed by GAS all rooms or spaces are connected together and you can also see it all in one eye when it was in it. This apartment design has the dominant white color on the wall, which is able to create a contrast of parquet flooring and soft wood with a motive to create balance in the interior decoration, which are perfectly as well as with some additional form of painting that was in the living room also offer art itself.

All Windows are so much in these apartments that provide access to the entry of natural light surrounded. Upwards to the ceiling of the apartment there is the very modern and interactive little different than usual, the dining room could have seen above this, see artistic touch of more modern look. And in the sky, also you will see a wall a tube, the impression of style with a touch of the industry. Kitchen design is also very modern and with neutral colors have the impression, that kitchen looks pretty clean. To the bedroom, which see decor in harmony with the living room, parquet flooring, can you see in him. Next, you see a few pictures, which it can as an inspiration for those who want to create a dream apartment design.

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