Artistic House Design Taj Mahal in Miami, United States

Now we want to give some information beautiful building design like Taj Mahal in India, It's about artistic house design in Miami, United States. Wee see this building concept be cool design and modern concept. Taj Mahal is known for its beautiful architecture and a high historical value, the large building in India. It is also the building covered in the wonder of the world. Therefore, no wonder knew that almost all the inhabitants of this earth, although it is still not directly the site visited.

The following is of very similar to the building of the Yamuna River talk about Taj Mahal, a House with an Interior. This is an artistic House located in Miami, United States exactly on the roof of the Palace condominium on Brickell Avenue built. Leona and Harry Helmsley is the former owner of this beautiful House then it Saudi Shiek Saoud Al-Shaalan sold to. The new owners turn it around in a beautiful building with a very thick Arabic architecture. It includes also 27 Moroccan artist on the interior design. See the colors, patterns, accessories, decorations and furniture here is very similar to the Taj Mahal. The House is moving like an Arabian Palace to Miami. One thing that makes a little doubt is that there is a modern facade of glass walls, quite unlike the Taj Mahal in Miami Interior. Now you can see some picture about artistic house design and we hope this can give some fresh information for you.

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