Minimalist House Design By Architect Marcio Kogan

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From the picture below you can see at night minimalist home design looks very luxurious and elegant with good light and the light that is able to provide an element of beauty to its owner. On the outside there is a large swimming pool and a fence around the house on a high. For the interior of the house looks very neat, organized For the living room furniture and storage cabinets books and his stuff looks really good. In front of the terrace house where there are several different models of chairs and tables which you can use to gather with friends or other family.

You determine house design that confusion to your taste? You are again looking for fresh new ideas to design a new home? Or do you want a house design minimalist and modern-looking? Leave all your confusion because this time we will give you a minimalist house design by information Architect Marcio Kogan where overall this House looks modern and elegant. The appearance of the whole design of this House really look very beautiful and cool because it has a small garden fresh.

Minimalist house design consists of three tiers, where on the ground floor this House you will get home with a small lake that you can pass from the large glass doors as well as with a large front room which is connected to a beautiful outdoor scenery. On the second level and third this House seemed to look very contrasting with color and light. Minimalist house design is equipped with an upright rectangular wooden boards used to protect the sunlight for part of the second floor, while the function is taken over by ole white patterned volumes when you come to the third level.

From that we saw at the interior design minimalist house design looks very modern, where at night the House shines so bright and beautiful architectural design which is not interrupted by a ray of light. Next let's look at some pictures that there may be a new inspiration for those of you who want to build a House for your family's comfort minimalist.

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