Minimalist Apartment Valentine Designs By ECDM

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Surely you can find a project that produce a differentiated minimalism, which is interesting and unique would? Here is a minimalist construction project for a multi-family house that interior design features that are unique and interesting, has. Multi-family housing project known as Valentine's apartment, where designed and completed by an architect from France, Emmanuel Dominique Combarel Marrec (ECDM). French architects have succeeded in a small apartment with a clear strategy to turn a work of unique and interesting produce.

The minimalist design of this apartment have valentine white as the dominant color interior parts to get a sense of warmth to any room in this home and give to the unique color to each apartment of his furniture in combination hand is valentine. In the first step in building this house, the lowest room-ceiling apartment architect is to combine. The band with the difference amounting to twice the level to a height of 3.70 meters, fake, under the ceiling in the main hall of the apartment, which was first divided by a cumbersome marqued mezzanine below, where people can wake up.

In order to achieve what valentine in the first step in building the home, managed a wicket to an existing separator walls between the two volumes. The main steps in the construction freed from all commands. This is because the working material in an area of ??50 square feet inside the apartment, where a variety of orientation, the volume is to activate the unusual condition for a stable life. In the apartment there is a long Valentine's bookshelf, until all the books that you can organize with neat. It overlooks the minimalist apartment valentine design project is a unique and exciting project that looks modern and elegant impression. Let us some pictures of the apartment to see this valentine hope can be an inspiration for you.

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