New Book Shelves And Cupboards In Small Flat Concept

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Idea of book shelves who can live on a small flat concept sounds too good to be true. Everyone knows that love bookworms and treasure more than anything in this world books. No wonder, if there are bookworms who buy only to some books starve. If you find yourself as a bookworm lives in small apartment with a thousand books, then you should your home renovation by adding some new shelves. Regular shelves or built-in shelves can be selected as places to store all your book collection.

You can be turned all vertical spaces into integrated shelves as for integrated shelves maximize. Vertical space in the living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen are expected as places are used to store some books. With this built-in bookshelves, you will save here and there capable of all your books here. All pages of your wall and even your ceiling can be changed on shelves. This built-in shelves have also another function as a kind of decoration for your small flat concept. If all these shelves are not enough, all collection, also a great solution for small rooms can be to solve under-staircase memory problem. Under stair memory make, you need additional memory to store your books. This room can also be used, to your personal home theater store. If you want to know anymore information about this you can go here

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