Modern Luxury Acquavilla House Design

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New Luxury Acquavilla House Design was designed by Winn Wittman Architecture. The wreck bank mid 80's was completely renovated to reflect the rich and eccentric personality of the owner. The house was in terrible condition, and previous renovations went wrong, so that the confidence of customers were absent at the beginning. At the end of the client and the architect had a high degree of confidence.

A specially designed and fabricated metal product, panel system, the solution to the problems of solar energy and aesthetics. A model spotted Fleur-de-lis, which changes throughout the day, is lit by LEDs that change color. The Villa Acquavilla, this time engraved in the glass, is included in the custom input form. The garages have been invited to showrooms.


The renovation of trying to reuse what has worked with the structure of bio-foam, and insulates to reduce solar radiation aesthetic manner with awnings, window films, and custom panels. The new pool is anxious to bring the lake to the house. Journal of the strip and accessories soft try to imitate the great hall, clouds and boats sailing on the water more. The result is light as whipped cream covered in candy.

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