Decorate Minimalist Interior With Open Floor Plan

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It is really fun, have an open area in your home, how you feel like living in a very large area. However, some of the usual decoration of dilemmas can represent in their lives. You must have memory, functionality and coherent style take into account when trying to in various areas of the living space without the help of heat and are named. NAT Achitecten presents these three House floor design with an open floor plan as a very good example of how all of this can be achieved in a modern, minimalist style. The primary color palette is neutral and monochromatic through the use of black and white, grey, Brown and beige. Appears the color be introduced with home furnishings such as the application of the Nice sofa pillows and work of art. Thus, different areas to differentiate, they use a wooden box like structure. In this way, elements as for example rugs helps in storage and easier.

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