Modern Halogen Lamp by Alfredo Haberli

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This lamp has an unusual form. If most of the light new innovations in lighting with halogen gas in the form of a modern box similar to almost as in the light bulb, bringing as a balloon is marked, this Alfredo Häberli at an oblique angle. The material used is aluminum, which give a surplus of light in the neighborhood. Lighting design is this a wall that can function at the same time in a cool wall results in 2007. Modern lamp, halogen wall named lane it has dimensions of 8.7 "WX 3.1. 5? HX 3.5" extension. It is perfect for a minimalist size and appearance of home at this time. If you are interested this halogen lamp, now a price of $355.50 at Ylighting order and receive additional offers in the form of 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% price guarantee.

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