New Bathtubs Collection and Models By Bagno Sasso AG

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Here one is ocean inspired new bathtubs collection and models By Bagno Sasso AG in its collection, entitled as follows: shell, Mariner, circle, wave and wing. Each product is genuine and has a contemporary, attractive appearance. In addition, the bathtubs are customizable, so that any potential owner to choose from different materials and ends at the order of product according, Manuel Dreesmann, the designer of ocean wing and ocean wave shown below, these two bathtubs are perfect in the modern bathroom-lounge.

The main structure of the two bathtubs is made of Corian, the organic and dramatic forms. Ocean wing plays with the natural part of from the outside and the warm and hygienic Corian inside. The contrast of these materials and the form that combines these two, are the key design elements of this new bathtubs collection.

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