A Beautiful Modern House Square With A Garden At The Back

You mention the confusion to determine design House due to the size of land you that small? What is your confusion to set your desire that wants to build a small garden for your new home? It's information you might need the following information where it is a square House with beautiful garden behind the House lies the regions La Horqueta designed by Arquitonika. The House was designed with two floors that are placed in the broad area of 15 x 42 m2 with a flexible design and the greater part of the floor is directly connected with the garden behind the House is equipped with large glass doors.

This modern house square was built using bricks that are attached to the color white and with wooden floors and wooden floor there is one part as vertical walls. With a large glass walls on the first floor will make you and your family are easier to see the garden behind the House and the view from the garden. Square house design modern is indeed remarkable plasticity which is designed to be simple but elegant and modern look. You can view some pictures in this article, may be an inspiration to you in his new home building.

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