Amazing Simple Sofa Concept For Small Space

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Are you looking for a sofa that designs unique and interesting to have? Are you confused to find a sofa that correspond to a small room of the house? We have information of interest to you is a sofa concept is simple but stunning and unique designs which are suitable for small rooms. The concept is simple sofa allows you to pull or push from both sides and together - together to create a small table for the location of coffee or also you can become a full sofa without a small table. The name of this simple sofa is V-Two is taking the form of a couch that resembles the inverted triangle which comes with a modern and elegant design.

This simple design features a sofa made ??of birch that cover it with foam and fabric. The concept is simple V-Two sofa is a sofa which coud be adjusted in size and suitable for the modern home with a small space challenges.

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