Cheese Modern House Design in Perth

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Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects cheese house has a modern approach to spatial perspective to daily life. This house explores the illusion of the house as a vacation from defined limits, with a vanishing point which meets the neighboring property. Agrees with the possibility of spatial illusion resulting from the proximity of a point of view of building space and the relationship of the everyday experience of the family residence.

The vanishing point is denied the visibility of a wall at the end of the property that serves to exaggerate the illusion of an installation by artist Jurek Wybraniec.Analogous to a piece of camembert, tactile materials and delicious are reserved for the interiors and courtyards. The great walls anonymous double white exterior and powerful obstacles, carefully concealing the inner wealth to the private sphere.


All space is organized as a series of curves that connect to the vanishing point illusory. These corners to collect indoor and outdoor space. Drive through the center of the house is a corner of recycled Jarrah, a large terrace that starts at the road ends back 1.5 m from the rear. This dock connects the indoor and outdoor spaces that make up the ambiguity and the creation of a tribunal of the resonance curves so that the bottom of the outside inwards.


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