Amazing elegant home designs by Frank Macchia of Australian

Australian architect Frank Macchia curved element, combined with a rectangular volume and create a ripple effect on the facade of the House. Create two more high wall, a different perspective at home, in particular by the contrast of materials for special effects. In May the internal comes along with the external, create a wavy line connecting ripples two spaces are seen. The Interior has for the most lines - add a modern sense of the House.

Four bedrooms and three bathrooms offer home Feeeling, while the living room is the perfect place to entertain guests. Wood and glass, stone and concrete, are all the materials used to build this House in harmony with each other. Chocolate walls are diluted with natural light through the large sliding doors. The desire, the same thing at home dominated every corner of the House with his superior speed and beautiful bathroom detail: bath in the master bathroom through the wall, so that while you swim an interesting.

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