Elegant Lights Design Idea, Leucos presents three new lights

At Euroluce 2011, Leucos presents three new lights, having a style centered on the use of glass as well as Crystal, to obtain items from the mild and elegant. Aporia, Aro as well as Eghoor-01 would be the names of 3 lamps Leucos presents three dress light shapes impalpable exactly where transparencies as well as insights get to be the soul of the dress itself. Flight mild dell “aporia crataegi” becomes a lamp which translates actions elegant Butterfly in pure light. Pure crystal cup which embellishes the full thermoform white, disrupted by dark gold leaf that creates a slight movement as well as imperceptible, because the defeating associated with wings of the butterfly at the rear of development.

The Very real conveys an essential motorbike, hidden by the clear interferance area. The actual gradient associated with cromatizzazione causes it to be distinctive on the planet, due to the way where the surface area can mirror light in most it's aspects. The actual lamp Aro appears to stay hanging within room, with its smooth collection which celebrates the blown glass that describes. Pure issue In Aro becomes totally free phrase associated with classic and refined design in which the object becomes part of the environment in which it is.


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